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The Northeast Expedition 2005

On september 13th to october 3rd three of the brazilian top pilots will stay in Patu, state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil with the ambition to break various records in distance flights.

It's the 3rd time that SOL Paragliders is organizing and sponsoring this event which have been very sucessful in the last editions when their wings Synergy 2 (DHV 1-2) and Kangaroo 2 (DHV 2 Tandem) have established new World Records in various FAI categories.

This time the prototypes of the new DHV 1, the Prymus 2 and DHV 2-3, the Eclipse 2 will be tested to bring out new records, mainly the Southamerican record (348km) and the World Record (423km).

The Records

::: Free Course

A course consists of the straight line(s) between a departure point and a finish point via any turn or control points in the designated sequence.

The actual world record of 423km was established in Texas in 2002 and the southamerican record of 348km in Patu, Brazil by Marcelo Prieto in 2004 flying a SOL Dynamic AR.

Achieve 450km

::: Declared Course

A course declared in advance in writing by the pilot.

This record of 308km is held by SOL pilot Marcio Pinto on a SOL Dynamic AR flewn in Patu, Brazil in 2004.

Achieve 320km again once the flight from Marcelo Prieto last year was not recognized by FAI just because he lost his FAI license

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